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在与最终用户、市政当局、水处理专家、机械和工程承包商以及天然气公司合作方面具有可靠的成功经验。Principal system components are designed and built in-house and configured as complete tailored solutions incorporating system automation and pressure control stations.


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What Chart's acquisition of BlueInGreen tells us about the future for the industrial gas, energy and water treatment markets. First published in Gasworld, February 2021.

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包括深冷储罐、气化器和真空绝热管 (VIP) 在内的主要系统组件都是在内部设计和制造,并配置为包含系统自动化和压力控制站的完整定制解决方案。

Safe & Natural


pH 平衡

Using CO2 for pH balancing improves site safety, minimizes environmental exposure, improves efficiency and reduces costs. Liquid carbon dioxide is stored on-site in a Chart tank before being vaporized into a gas and injected into the water.

Protecting Health & the Environment

Compared to sulfuric and other acid/chemical treatments, carbon dioxide is non-corrosive to pipes and equipment, a much cheaper commodity and provides significantly reduced risk to the health, safety and well-being of employees and the environment.


Chart 设备和 BlueInGreen (BIG) 技术相结合的解决方案可有效输送溶解氧、二氧化碳和臭氧,以进行水处理。BIG’s core, gas-dissolution technology consumes 20% to 40% less gas than other alternatives with the smallest energy, carbon and physical footprint across a variety of applications in municipal and industrial end markets.


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