Delivering Liquid CO2

Take control of your CO2 distribution with the Orca™ CO2 Series MicroBulk Delivery System. 我们的垂直液态二氧化碳输送系统 (VLCD) 是一个提供散装 CO2 的经济型替代系统。

VLCD 特别适合启动阶段储罐安装、紧急输送和远程操作,为计量式输送提供了一种方便和安全的操作手段。VLCD 输送系统也是启动散装 CO2 业务的绝佳方式。

该系统安装在一个安全的移动托盘底座上,驾驶员可轻松操作所有连接管路和控件。液态 CO2 的热管理通过真空绝热套进行控制,以在不使用时保持较长时间,而外部压力构建系统可快速恢复压力。

Chart 拥有并保持着美国交通部 (DOT) 的特别许可证 SP-14424,以便您从停放的车辆上分配液态 CO2。您可以通过单击该 DOT 特别许可证搜索链接,访问该许可证的副本。

The Orca™ CO2 Series MicroBulk Delivery System is designed to fill the Carbo-Mizer® and Carbo-Max® Bulk CO2 Systems and the Perma-Max™ MicroBulk CO2 System.   The Orca CO2 unit provides you with a safe, efficient, and reliable delivery unit for years to come.  The stainless steel inner vessel on the Orca CO2 delivery unit is protected by a high quality vacuum with super insulation for minimal heat transfer. This insulation system eliminates just-in-time filling and provides colder CO2 necessary for a single-hose, no loss fill to the storage vessel. To maintain a high delivery pressure from stop to stop, the Orca CO2 delivery unit incorporates a dedicated diesel-fired glycol-based pressure builder system.