SeQual eQuinox™

Smallest transportable oxygen concentrator offering 3.0 LPM and a unique voice interface for added security.

SeQual eQuinox 产品 SeQual eQuinox,呼吸保健,便携式制氧机 SeQual eQuinox 推车产品 便携式制氧机,旅行吸氧装置 家用 eQuinox
SeQual eQuinox 产品 SeQual eQuinox,呼吸保健,便携式制氧机 SeQual eQuinox 推车产品 便携式制氧机,旅行吸氧装置 家用 eQuinox

The SeQual eQuinox is CAIRE’s premier transportable oxygen concentrator features all the extra features and oxygen patient could want. The lightest, quietest and most advanced transportable oxygen concentrator on the market, the SeQual eQuinox features cutting-edge technology and a unique multi-language voice interface, offering its user a new layer of comfort by providing verbal confirmation of changed flow rate settings, as well as announcing battery times and any alarms.

The SeQual eQuinox delivers continuous flow settings up to 3 LPM as well as the highest pulse dose of any transportable oxygen concentrator with settings 1–9 (192 mL). Continuous flow patients can stay saturated with our advanced pulse flow delivery 6 LPM and higher. With its advanced clinical features and high pulse settings, the SeQual eQuinox is capable of supporting almost all oxygen users regardless of their oxygen prescription or disease state.

Patients love the SeQual eQuinox because:

  • Only 14 lbs. with battery and cart installed.
  • A Multi-Language Voice Interface alerts the patient to important information.
  • It is 30% smaller than the SeQual Eclipse 5.
  • A convenient front loading battery for easy access.
  • Optional 24-cell battery gives extended battery life durations.
  • Works on AC power supply, and DC automotive power supply so you can take it anywhere and charge it.
  • DC Cable Consists of only a 12V cable – no transformer.
  • Screen intermittently displays battery charge remaining in minutes to ensure peace of mind.
  • A robust cart design for easy navigation.
  • Removable cart with telescoping handle for easy one-handed adjustment
  • Service Cabinet makes filters accessible for maintenance without opening entire case.



Homecare providers love the SeQual eQuinox because:

  • The SeQual eQuinox comes with a standard 3-year warranty covering all components including the ATF (Sieve).
  • Drives retail sales and patients ask for it.
  • Ideal for travel programs and hospital discharge programs.
  • Ideal 24/7 solution as stationary and transportable oxygen concentrator.
  • Robust and reliable internal components to minimize failures.
  • Billable as both a Stationary and Portable concentrator for reimbursement.

Clinicians love the SeQual eQuinox because:

  • It allows unlimited ambulation for the patient and an all-in-one 24/7 solution to serve their patient’s oxygen delivery needs whether at home or on the road.
  • It is the only transportable oxygen concentrator with CAIRE’s autoSAT® Technology which can maintain a customizable pulse dose.
    • Adjustable bolus rise time.
    • Adjustable trigger sensitivity.
  • Highest Pulse Dose Settings available up to 192 mL bolus size.
  • Ability to saturate high continuous flow patients with our advanced pulse delivery.

eTask 现在有售!
eTask Diagnostic tool estimates equivalent pulse dose for a given continuous flow on the SeQual eQuinox and Eclipse systems. Now available on the Google Play store as well as from the AppStore.

FAA Approved

eTask App Available:


To learn more, call 1-888-373-5994

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  SeQual eQuinox
Flow Rates 0.5 - 3.0 LPM (0.5 liter increments)
1.0-6.0 = 16-96 mL (16 mL increments)
7.0-9.0 =128-192 mL (32 mL increments) 
重量 Unit 12.2 lb. (5.5 kg)
12-cell battery = 1.85 lb. (0.84 kg)
24-cell battery = 3.6 lb. (1.63 kg) 
尺寸 13.6 in H x 10.6 in W x 7.4 in D
(34.5 cm H x 26.9 cm W x 18.8 cm)
Oxygen Purity 90% +5.5/-3%
电池续航时间 12-cell battery: 1.2 hours @ 2 LPM
2.7 hours @ 2 Pulse (12 BPM)
24-Cell Battery: 2.7 hours @ 2 LPM
5.9 hours @ 2 Pulse (12 BPM)
Battery Recharge 2-5 hours (dependent on flow)
声级 46 dBA at 3.0 LPM Continuous Flow Mode
45 dBA at 2.0 LPM Continuous Flow Mode
40 dBA at 0.5 LPM Continuous Flow Mode 
Standard Warranty 3 year concentrator
1 year battery, power supplies, standard accessories