SeQual Eclipse 5®

Robust and reliable transportable oxygen concentrator with 24/7 capabilities and over 5 hours battery life at pulse setting 2.

SeQual Eclipse 5 正面图 SeQual Eclipse 5 Ann 与 Girls koi 20 Sequal Eclipse 5 外观 推车上的 SeQual Eclipse 5 SeQual-Eclipse-5-Web-5
SeQual Eclipse 5 正面图 SeQual Eclipse 5 Ann 与 Girls koi 20 Sequal Eclipse 5 外观 推车上的 SeQual Eclipse 5 SeQual-Eclipse-5-Web-5

The SeQual Eclipse 5 is CAIRE’s proven, reliable, single-oxygen solution with 24/7 capabilities. Just under two feet tall, this transportable oxygen concentrator is fully functional on DC power, including the ability to recharge the battery and the availability of all flow rates – continuous and pulse flow – in the car.

The SeQual Eclipse 5 delivers continuous settings up to 3 LPM as well as the highest pulse dose of any transportable oxygen concentrator with settings 1–9. With its advanced clinical features and high pulse settings, the SeQual Eclipse 5 is capable of supporting almost all oxygen users regardless of their oxygen prescription or disease state.

Patients love the SeQual Eclipse 5 because:

  • 5.4 hours of battery life at 2 pulse and 2 hours of battery life 2 LPM continuous flow.
  • 18.4 lbs. with battery and cart installed.
  • Removable cart with telescoping handle for easy one-handed adjustment.
  • Works on AC power supply, and DC automotive power supply so you can take it anywhere and charge it.
  • Battery will re-charge in car at 2.0 LPM or less.

Homecare providers love the SeQual Eclipse 5 because:

  • Comes with a standard 3-year warranty covering all components including the ATF (Sieve).
  • Ideal for travel programs and hospital discharge programs.
  • Ideal 24/7 solution as stationary and transportable oxygen concentrator.
  • Robust and reliable internal components to minimize failures.
  • Billable as both a Stationary and Portable concentrator for reimbursement.

Clinicians love the SeQual Eclipse 5 because:

  • It allows unlimited ambulation for the patient and an all-in-one 24/7 solution to serve their patient’s oxygen delivery needs whether at home or on the road.
  • It is the only transportable oxygen concentrator with CAIRE’s autoSAT® Technology which allows for a customizable pulse dose.
    • Adjustable bolus rise time.
    • Adjustable trigger sensitivity
  • Highest Pulse Dose Settings available up to 192 mL bolus size.
  • Ability to saturate high continuous flow patients with our advanced pulse delivery.

eTask 现在有售!
eTask Diagnostic tool estimates equivalent pulse dose for a given continuous flow on the SeQual eQuinox and Eclipse systems. Now available on the Google Play store as well as from the AppStore.

FAA Approved

eTask App Available:


To learn more, call 1-888-373-5994

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  SeQual Eclipse 5
Flow Rates 0.5 - 3.0 LPM (0.5 liter increments)
1.0-6.0 = 16-96 mL (8 mL increments)
7.0-9.0 = 128-192 mL (32 mL increments)
重量 15 lb. (6.8 kg), Battery 3.4 lb. (1.5 kg)
尺寸 19.3 in H x 12.3 in W x 7.1 in D
(49.0 cm 高 x 31.2 cm 宽 x 18.0 cm 深)
Oxygen Purity 90% +5.5/-3%
电池续航时间 2 hours (at 2LPM continuous flow)
5.2 hours (at a pulse dose setting of 2 setting)
Battery Recharge 1.8 to 5.0 hours recharge time  (dependent upon the flow)
声级 48 dBA at 3.0 LPM Continuous Flow Mode
40 dBA at 3.0 Pulse Dose setting
Standard Warranty 3 year concentrator
1 year battery, power supplies, standard accessories