CAIRE Companion 1000 & 1000T

CAIRE-Companion-1000-Web 便携式制氧机,旅行吸氧装置 便携式制氧机,旅行吸氧装置 便携式制氧机,旅行吸氧装置,Companion 便携式产品,液氧,CAIRE,呼吸保健 便携式制氧机,旅行吸氧装置
CAIRE-Companion-1000-Web 便携式制氧机,旅行吸氧装置 便携式制氧机,旅行吸氧装置 便携式制氧机,旅行吸氧装置,Companion 便携式产品,液氧,CAIRE,呼吸保健 便携式制氧机,旅行吸氧装置

CAIRE's Companion 1000 and Companion 1000T High-Flow Portable Liquid Oxygen units offer lightweight and robust oxygen therapy options for users who require continuous oxygen flow. The unique design has an easy to clean hard case and all controls are recessed in the case design to minimize potential damage and accidental flow setting changes.

The CAIRE Companion portables maximize portability with over 7 hours of duration at setting 2 LPM. The CAIRE Companion 1000 offers continuous flow settings up to 6 LPM in a long-lasting 1.2 L package. The high flow C1000T offers all of the same features with flow rates up to 15 LPM. It is a perfect option for hospitals, long-term care facilities and ambulating oxygen users that require high flow rates and portability.

Patients love the Companion because:

  • No batteries or electricity required.
  • Easily carried by handle and worn by shoulder strap or optional backpack.
  • Easy to operate integrated scale for contents indication.
  • Maximum time away from home with durations up to 7.7 hours at 2 LPM.
  • Easy filling operations.
  • Does not emit heat or noise.

Providers love the Companion because:

  • Ability to serve both continuous flow and high flow patients.
  • Time-proven CAIRE cryogenic technology.
  • Simple patient operation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Recessed controls minimize damage and accidental settings changes.

Clinicians love the CAIRE Companion 1000 and 1000T because

  • Provides pure oxygen.
  • Lightweight and long duration promotes active lifestyle.

To learn more, call 1-888-373-5994

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  CAIRE Companion 1000 CAIRE Companion 1000T
LOX 容量 1.23 L 1.23 L
气态等效容量 1058 L 1058 L
重量(空) 5.0 lb (2,27 kg) 5.7 lb (2,59 kg)
Weight, Full 8.1 lb (3,67 kg) 8.8 lb (3,99 kg)
13.8 in. (351 mm) 14.5 in (368 mm)
Typical use time at 2 LPM demand 7.7 小时 7.7 小时
一般蒸发率 1.5 磅/天(0.68 千克/天) 1.5 磅/天(0.68 千克/天)
Flow control settings 关闭、0.25、0.5、0.75、1、1.5、2、2.5、3、4、5、6 LPM 关闭、0.5、1、1.5、2、3、4、5、6、8、10、 15