CO2 监测与安全

Ensure a safe working environment with the Analox Sensor Technology Monitoring System.

1-safetysysillus_analox Analox CO2 监控检测器(含说明) Ax60_CO2_sensor
1-safetysysillus_analox Analox CO2 监控检测器(含说明) Ax60_CO2_sensor

这款精密仪器可对 CO2 水平提供连续、准确的监测,以确保为您的员工、供应商和您自己提供一个安全的工作环境。Analox 50 是一种经过实践验证的系统,在全球范围内的装机量已超过 100,000 台,由一个检测器(带可视和声音报警器)和用于远程安装的报警中继器组成。还提供额外的配件,包括一个扩展中继器、检测器保护装置、检测器挡板和可穿戴的保护装备。

The AX60 is designed specifically for the hospitality industry allowing multiple placements of alarm and sensor units which are connected to a central display. Each alarm unit not only has an audible sounder but also utilizes a high-intensity LED strobe light - perfect for warning of danger in noisy environments. Additional accessories are available, including a sensor protective guard, sensor splash guard, manager's office beacon & junction box mounting kit.


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