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McDonalds_Beverage-System Max750_2Bulk-Syrup 3-CarboMax750_McDonalds Bulk-Syrup
McDonalds_Beverage-System Max750_2Bulk-Syrup 3-CarboMax750_McDonalds Bulk-Syrup

The Bulk Syrup system consists of two or more bulk syrup tanks permanently installed inside the restaurant.Each tank hold 75 gallons (300 liters for the international system) of Coca-Cola® syrup and replaces bag-in-a-box and other syrup packages.

Syrup is withdrawan from one syrup tank at a time and fed to the beverage machines upon demand.When one tank is completely empty, the system switches to the next full tank.The empty tank is sanitized by the automated Clean-in-Place panel and ready for its next delivery of Coca-Cola.

Filling the syrup tank from the truck takes less than ten minutes and is part of the store's regular delivery service.散装糖浆系统已被 NSF(国家卫生基金会)列入 18 号标准。该系统包括所有软管和用于储罐消毒的现场清洁面板。

This system is also available in a portable model for restaurants in which tanks must be moved to receive syrup delivery.Domestic and international models are available to meet the needs of different countries.


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