Bulk CO2 Applications

The Carbo-Series System meets all of your CO2 requirements.

Beverage_Carbonation_Systems Swimming_Pool_Systems Micro_Brewery_Systems Beverage_Beer_Carbonation_System
Beverage_Carbonation_Systems Swimming_Pool_Systems Micro_Brewery_Systems Beverage_Beer_Carbonation_System

Carbo-Series 系统作为高压 CO2 瓶的直接替代系统,设计用于为分销商提供一种快速、可靠和简单的充装工艺,以实现利润最大化。凭借我们的优良工艺,分销商可享受最低的拥有成本——甚至在第一个租赁合同有效期内就可收回投资成本。For applications requiring greater flow rates and capacities, we offer the Carbo-Max® Bulk CO2 System and the Perma-Cyl® MicroBulk Storage System tanks. All models are constructed of high-grade stainless steel for food-grade compatibility and long service life. The vessel requires no employee handling, continuously supplying CO2 for a variety of applications. Adding the GeN2® Nitrogen Generator helps ensure the correct presentation and flavor in dispensing draft beer with a mixed gas blend of CO2 and N2.

Beverage Carbonation System

Our beverage carbonation systems are a safe and reliable substitute for high pressure cylinders. Our complete beverage solutions have proven to reduce the risk of costly run-outs allowing you to focus on spending more time with your customers. Enjoy perfectly dispensed soda time after time.

Swimming Pool Systems

Our bulk CO2 systems provide gas for swimming pool pH balancing. CO2 is the safest, most reliable alternative to using acid to balance the pH level of chlorinated water. Maintaining the desired water pH level is critical to ensure swimmers' comfort and safety. CO2 lowers the alkalinity of the water protecting it against sudden spikes in pH and improving water clarity

Micro-Brewery Systems

Chart bulk CO2 systems provide a wide range of high-capacity, high flow-rate beverage grade CO2 tanks for applications from the smallest brew pub to full scale breweries. Common installations for this system include Micro-Breweries, Restaurants, Bars & Brew Pubs, Stadiums & Sports Arenas.


  • Beverage Carbonation System
  • Swimming Pool System
  • Brew Pub, Micro-Brewery & Stadium System
  • Bar, Restaurant & Cineplex System