Integrated Energy Systems

Chart 的工艺技术和专有设备组合能够提供强大、可靠和经济高效的“概念到现实”解决方案。

全球最大的脱氮装置 脱氮装置 脱氮装置 脱氮装置
全球最大的脱氮装置 脱氮装置 脱氮装置 脱氮装置

Chart 专注于烃类化合物加工应用,包括液化天然气 (LNG)、脱氮、液态天然气回收以及与天然气和石化收集和加工相关的其他特殊深冷分离和回收系统。



Chart’s natural gas processing technology is centered on nitrogen rejection units, the monetization of low btu gas reserves and increased revenue facilitation through systems that integrate natural gas liquids (NGL) and helium recovery, and is perfectly pitched to support these worldwide developments.


采用 Chart 的铝制板翅式热交换器和冷箱系统进行深冷加工是丙烷脱氢、氢气回收以及乙烯和氨生产中不可或缺的阶段。

乙烯是在世界上产量最高的有机化合物,是数百种日常用品的基本制造原料,尤其是聚乙烯制品——消耗了全球乙烯供应量的 50% 以上。

Chart 设计和建造的铝制板翅式热交换器和冷箱是裂化工艺中必不可少的装置,我们为所有已获许可的大型乙烯工艺提供量身定制的优化解决方案。


丙烷脱氢 (PDH) 是以从丙烷原料中提取丙烯为目的的生产的关键加工步骤。 

Chart is a preferred, pre-qualified supplier for both Uhde and UOP propane dehydrogenation processes. Our expertise is in the separation system with Chart taking responsibility for the complete engineering and fabrication package. Our overall scope covers process design and optimisation, detailed engineering and specification and critical equipment, including in-house manufacture of brazed aluminum heat exchangers, pressure vessels and cold box.

Basic package scope:

  • Brazed aluminum heat exchangers and cold box module
  • Expander, generator and lube oil package
  • Liquid product tank and pumps
  • Process and utility piping, instrumentation, control valves and electrical installation

Chart has also developed its own proprietary and patented design for the UOP process which offers improved overall recovery.

For customers not requiring an integrated system, Chart can also offer the brazed aluminum heat exchangers or complete cold box package separately.